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Touch the People is the second level in Cities. It has a geometric theme. It is much more colorful than the other levels in this album. It introduces a new object which is a space-like matter you can float around in.

Objects Edit

Hurts Edit

  • Red trianges with dark red spots.
  • A rotating object with a red side on one.
  • A contstantly rotating shooting object. It makes sounds like "Shazam, bam-bam-bam,"
  • A diamond with an eyeball focusing on the player. After a while it will say "Touch the people!" while shooting out a pattern of bugs crawling on the screen.
  • A tall geometric figure shooting a triangle from its head.
  • A short, chubby geometric figure shooting a triangle from its head.
  • A object that jumps up and becomes a red and spiky. It opens it's eyes before jumping.
  • A big, triangular object that lays moving red figures. It says things like, "Ladies and gentlemen!"

Other Edit

  • A bee like object that you can bounce on
  • A object that you go into then shoots you out.
  • A space like matter with stars in it. You can float in it.


  • Try not to go to close to the obstacle that says "Touch the people"


  • It usually makes a drastic change in the song every 3 sections.
  • This is another song that uses human vocals